Vancouver is an amazing city. So alive and vibrant. It has an arty feel to it. Its bigger than Adelaide but the main shopping areas felt emptier and less alive compared to say Rundle Mall in Adelaide.

I spent most of my time in Granville St in the Samesun backpackers hostel. It was a great stopover point until my journey up to Whistler. Lots of international visitors and people in similar situations, trying to find themselves in this amazing city.

At night time, the street came alive, with party goers heading to clubs and homeless people in search of donations in return for their various antics, be it card tricks or music made with spoons. Granville St near the backpackers is a dirty street but that gives it that character. It was cleaned up for the Olympics but there was still a lot of construction.

In contrast to this Stanley park is so lush and amazingly beautiful. You are in this busy city and you can walk right into a rain forest and I was amazed at how you could escape to this other world within a city. I really enjoyed the walk around the sea wall that so many Vancouverites make regularly and check out all of the lakes and towering trees that make this place their home.

I almost immediately fell in love with the country’s most famous sport, Hockey (which we call Ice Hockey). Joining some mates I met at the hostel, when a game was on we ventured to a local pub and followed the game. It was an easy game to pick up and watch.

When it was time to leave this place and venture to my next destination, I hopped on my bus and continued on my journey on the sea to sky highway up through the mountains to Whistler.