Web Development

I am currently really enjoying working at Bigwig wired in Adelaide doing web development for them. I really enjoy working with a team of designers and then turning the designs into reality and integrating them into CMS’ for clients.

I have very quickly accelerated my knowledge of css, and JavaScript (mainly jQuery) in a small time as there is a big variety in the types of clients and websites that we work on, its definitely a skill to use the latest development techniques but to also keep in mind how it will look in the older browsers like IE7 (we don’t worry about IE6 unless a client specifically requests it). jQuery is definitely an awesome tool for writing JavaScript really quickly and cross browser. I hope as a developer it doesn’t make me too lazy.

I really enjoy the culture of Bigwig and I’m coming to grips with a high paced environment where things need to be done but also done with a focus on high detail. Its not all hard work thought, we also fit in the jokes and conversations around the pool table and bar.

I am very happy with things and always finding new areas within web development to keep me interested. Lets see how things go and im excited to be writing about them in the future. Im not keen to work on some tools to make the process more efficient and faster within this environment.

Cheers, Kieran Andrews.